Host a School

Is Your City Ready To See The Church Released In The Gifts Of Prophecy And Healing As A Lifestyle?

These Schools of Power & Love are working off a new paradigm.

First, these Schools are designed for ACTIVATION!  The pattern of learning then DOING will be used for each of the 3 1/2 days.  Both morning and afternoon sessions will be shortened to allow time for the conference attendees to practice what they have learned out in the world!

Second, we are looking for churches that will team together in a city to host us.  Obviously there will be one church where the event will be held but we also want to strongly encourage joint ownership of the School of Power & Love.
  The Holy Spirit has taken the Church through many “steps” of growth in the last 4-5 decades giving us greater insight about tongues, healing, prophesy, apostleship, authority in the church, intercession, and that very important place of receiving His love….but now it is time for the church to demonstrate all it has learned to a watching world.  I believe this step of “power evangelism” is one that will lead the church into the fulfillment of those prophetic words about stadiums being filled with people and miracles springing up throughout the arena.  The “nameless, faceless” church will be doing the works of the kingdom.

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What is Required to Host a School in our City?  We now have two options:


1. A facility that will hold at least 750 people
2. A facility that is available all day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday  (the school runs from Wed night to Sat night but we like to set up on Tuesday)
3. The ability to network with churches in your area so that there will be a pool of 2500 people to draw from.  This means that the combined total Sunday attendance of your church plus the churches that you believe will co-sponsor an event like this is at least 2000.  We believe this is necessary in order to reach our break even number of 250 paid registrants for the School of Power & Love.  Those attending will be charged a registration fee of $60 to $100 depending upon when they register.


1.  In December, 2012, Power and Love held its first “sponsored” school in Oregon.  We found that our attendance soared because this was offered as a free school, almost tripling what we would normally expect.  This pattern has been repeated now several times.  As a result, we want to offer this option to you.
2.  This option means you as the host church would cover the $15,000 needed to cover 60% our budget for the school.  With this plus the night offerings going to Power and Love Ministries, we believe our budget will be met.  Payments schedule would be:

  • $5,000 upon locking in the date for your city
  • $5,000 10 weeks prior to the school
  • $5,000 when we arrive for set up

3.  With this scenario, co-sponsoring churches and ministries are encouraged but a smaller number could be acceptable.  This is something we will discuss in our first phone call.
4. A facility that will hold at least 500 people
5. A facility that is available all day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday  (the school runs from Wed night to Sat night but we like to set up on Tuesday)


If you are the decision-maker in your church and if the above are within your reach, complete the contact information below (only if you are a staff pastor or senior leader in a ministry please) and we will email you the rest of the Responsibilities of the Host Church.  Also, you can begin preparing for the next step by contacting other pastors in your area to evaluate their level of interest.  If you don’t meet these minimum requirements, please complete the  “Co-sponsor a School” form so that we will have your information in case we plan a school in your area.

At this time, we are not considering invitations outside of English speaking nations.