2017 Pennsylvania Power and Love

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We are glad to announce that Lifestyle Christianity and Schools of Power and Love have joined together to bring this  Power and Love Conference (Formally School of Power and Love) to Pennsylvania allowing us to offer pricing that is $20 less than our normal pricing.


If you were not able to purchase a full 4 day registration and you would like to attend one or more sessions, a stand by line will form at the door prior to each session.  Thirty minutes into each session (by 9:30 for the morning session which begins at 9 am, by 2:30 for the afternoon session which begins at 2 pm,  and by 7:30 for the evening session which begins at 7 pm), those in the stand by line will be able to purchase a registration for that session only for $15 for morning and afternoon sessions and no charge for evening sessions based on available seating.   SAVE TIME AND REGISTER FOR STANDBY SEATING NOW.  You will still need to bring your registration confirmation in order to get a standby number which will be used to determine your place in the stand by line.

Want to Know More About Power and Love?  What These Videos for more!

Vision Breakfast:  Todd’s Heart for Lifestyle Christianity:    SOLD OUT — There will be an optional Vision Breakfast with Todd White and Tom Ruotolo on Saturday morning, April 22 at 7:30 am at the Shady Maple, 129 Toddy Drive, East Earl PA  17519.  The price is $20 per person.  If you would like to attend, you can try to come to the door and wait in a stand by line.  If space is available, you will be allowed to purchase a ticket for $20 cash at the door depending upon available space.

Nearby Airports:  The closest airport is the Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) which is about 1 hour away from the host location.  Alternately, the Philadelphia International Airport is 1 hour, 30 min drive, Baltimore/Washington International is a 2 hour drive and Washington Dulles International Airport is a 2 hour 45 min drive.

Host Location

Petra Church
565 Airport Rd
New Holland, PA  17557


Co-Sponsoring Churches and Ministries:

  • Ephrata Community Church – Ephrata, PA
  • Lifeway Church – Annville, PA
  • Newport Church – Elm, PA
  • Oasis Fellowship – LA, PA
  • Threshold Church – Lancaster, PA
  • DOVE Christian Fellowship Elizabethtown – Lititz, PA
  • DOVE USA – Lititz, PA
  • The Brook – Felton, PA
  • Abundant Harvest Church – New Bloomfield, PA
  • Emmanuel – York, PA
  • Crossfire Youth Ministries – Ephrata, PA
  • Destiny Unlimited International  – Landisville, PA
  • Petra Church – New Holland, PA
  • HarvestNet School of Supernatural Ministry – Ephrata, PA
  • HarvestNet International – Ephrata, PA
  • Reading DOVE Christian Ministry Center – Reading, PA
  • Philadelphia Tabernacle of David – Huntingdon Valley, PA
  • DOVE Leadership and Ministry School – Lititz, PA
  • New Life Fellowship – Ephrata, PA
  • Petra Church, EastGate House of Prayer – New Holland, PA
  • Encounter Church – Quarryville, PA
  • TNT Youth Ministry – Ephrata, PA
  • Harvest Chapel – Abbottstown, PA
  • True Life Church -Marysville, PA


If you would like to co-sponsor this school, click here!



NOTE:  If Power and Love for some reason changes our conference schedule,
the FIRST thing we do us update it here.  You do not have to call us to find out if
this schedule is accurate.  When we know, you will know.  Thanks!
(Last updated 2/14/17)



6:15 pm — Doors open for Registration
7:00 Worship + Session #1 — Tom Ruotolo — Open to the Public**


9:00 Worship + Session #1 — Todd White
11:30  “Love in Action” outside the four walls and Lunch
2:00 Session #2 — Dan Mohler
4:30 “Love in Action” outside the four walls and dinner
7:00 Worship + Session #3 – Todd White — Open to the Public**


9:00 Worship + Session #4 — Dan Mohler
11:30  “Love in Action” outside the four walls and Lunch
2:00 Session #5 — Todd White
4:30 “Love in Action” outside the four walls and dinner
7:00 Worship + Session #6 – Dan Mohler — Open to the Public**


8:00 Vision Breakfast with Todd White (Place to be Determined)
9:30 Worship + Session #7 — Dan Mohler  (Note Different Starting Time!)
11:30 “Love in Action” outside the four walls and lunch
2:00 Session #8 — Tom Ruotolo
4:30 “Love in Action” outside the four walls and dinner
7:00 Worship + Session #9 — Todd White — Open to the Public**

**An Offering will be taken at these sessions

MORE QUESTIONS?  See the FAQ tab above!






Love in Action




1. I have a younger child. Should I bring him/her? Do I need to register him/her?

Youth as young as 5 have attended the school and LOVED it! They are out praying for people and it is amazing how God uses them. Youth 12 years old and older must register and pay for the school. Children 11 years old or younger may sit in the school at no charge (you do not need to register them) under the supervision of their parent(s). There is no childcare provided.

2. I registered for the school but now I cannot come. Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Registration is non-refundable as was stated when you registered. You may transfer a registration to another person of the same status by emailing us at office@powerandlove.org by the Wednesday before the beginning of the event with the Name and the transaction # of the person canceling and the Name, Address, Email address, Church attend and Phone of the person who will be taking your place. Transferring of registrations cannot be done at the door.

3. I want to attend this school but cannot afford the registration fee. Is there any way I can still attend?

If you cannot afford a School and would like to attend, we have limited Financial Assistance. If you are interested in being considered for a Financial Assistance, please FILL OUT THIS FORM and we will be in touch with you shortly. Please DO NOT try to register for a school yet until after you have applied for Financial Assistance and heard back from us.

4. What if I can only attend one or a few of the sessions? Is it still worth attending?

The feedback we have received from people who have attended only 1 or 2 sessions is extremely positive. Often we have a company working with us to video and audio record the sessions so that you can purchase the ones you missed.

5. I cannot attend the first one or two sessions. Would I be in the dark to begin attending on Thursday afternoon or evening?

Although the sessions to some degree, build on one another, we encourage people to attend whatever sessions they can. Often we have a company working with us to record the sessions so that you can purchase the ones you missed.

6. What do I do if I’m a full time student but I do not have a student ID?

No worries! Just pre-register as a student and then let us know at registration you don’t have a student ID. We will take your word for it!  This goes for Home Schooled Students as well!


1. I attended a school of Power and Love in the past. How do I register for a school?

We love to have Alumni come back to schools of Power and Love and help us! Remember, your job will be to team up with the “less confident” ones during the times of “Love in Action.” If you are a “Paid in Full” Alumni (see what this means below), you can register at no charge as long as:

  • A. You must pre-register! If you try to register at the door, you will be charged a $25 fee. The cut off for online registration is always the WEDNESDAY prior to the start of the school.  Email us at office@powerandlove.org  if you believe you are an alumni and would like to attend an upcoming Power and Love.  Be sure to indicate which Power and Love you are interested in.  Remember, once we registered you, you must attend! If for some reason you are not going to attend, you must notify us at office@powerandlove.org. If you register but don’t show up and you haven’t notified us, you will lose your Alumni privileges.
  • Remember, Power and Love offers you this wonderful opportunity for the reasons stated above. We are offering registration at no charge but, at the same time, there are requirements for you to follow these instructions so that our workload is minimized.  We would love to have you volunteer to help as well!  Please do not call the Power and Love phone line regarding Alumni registration issues. Thanks for your understanding on this!

2. What is Power and Love’s definition of “Paid in Full?”

If you attended a Power and Love after Jan, 2014, a “Paid in Full” Alumni is someone who paid the special “Future Power and Love’s for Free” registration price. Before this (2013 and prior) our policy was:

  • If you registered and paid the Early Bird Rate and attended the full school – you are Paid in Full
  • If you registered during the Regular Rate Registration and paid the full Regular Rate and attended the full school – you are Paid in Full
  • If you did Walk-In Registration and paid for the full School, and then attended the full school, you are Paid in Full.
    Starting in 2014, you would need to actually register at the particular rate which indicates you will receive future schools at no charge.



1. Are Schools of Power and Love able to help find me transportation from the closest airport to the host church?

Unfortunately no. Power and Love’s staff is very busy and we are not able to help with these arrangements.

2. What if I don’t have a car? How will I be able to go out during the times of “Love in Action”?

We will pair you up with someone who has a car.

3. Is there a shuttle from any of the hotels to the School location?

Usually not but you would have to contact the hotels to see if any of them would provide this service for you.

4. Will I be close enough to walk from any of the hotels to the School location?

Please check our local hotels web site to see the distance the hotels are from the Host Location. You may want to double check this by also calling the hotel.


1. I am coming to the school by myself and would like to split a hotel room with another person of the same sex. Is there a way to do this?

We are not able to coordinate this ahead of time but what we can do is this. If you come to Tom Ruotolo, the School coordinator, on Wed evening of the School, he will make an announcement to see if anyone would like to do this with you.

2. What is the closest hotel to the host location?

Please click on the school you are interested in and then on the Lodging Tab to see the distance of the hotels to the Host Location.

3. Is there a way to find me a host home so I do not have to spend money on a hotel?

Each attendee is responsible for making their own lodging arrangement. At this time we do not have the resources to coordinate these types of accommodations and cannot speak for what a Host Church or Co-Sponsoring church would or would not be able to offer.

Love in Action

1. What is “Love in Action”

Schools of Power and Love are designed to help activate you in power evangelism as a way of life. Love in Action is the time where we divide up in groups of 2 or 3 and go out just to be around other people to give us an opportunity to live out what we are learning.

2. Does someone tell me where to go during the “Love in Action” times?

No, “Love in Action” is simply you living out your life in Christ around other people and applying what you are learning. If you are hungry, find a good restaurant! If you need to buy a pair of shoes, go to a shoe store! We do not tell you were to go. We DO encourage you to step out to love someone with the Love of God!

3. I am from out of town. How will I know where to go during the “Love in Action” times?

Power and Love will give you a map of area restaurants and possible places to go during Love in Action. Also, a local person will be available at the school to help you with directions. Another possibility would be for you to team up with someone who is from the area!

4. I have never done this type of thing before. Will someone be available to help me during the “Love in Action” times?

We will do our best to pair up the “not as confident” ones with the “more confident” ones. We can’t guarantee this but we will do our best!

5. Will we have an opportunity to go out with one of Speakers?

Unfortunately no.  Speakers tend to make other plans during the break times.


1. Will there be a time to ask the Speakers questions?

Most likely no.  Unfortunately, the Speaker’s schedules are usually full and have no additional time for individual meetings.

2. Will we have an opportunity to go out with one of Speakers?

Mostly likely not.  Sorry!

3. I have sickness in my body (or I would like to bring someone who is sick). Will you pray for the sick?

The sick are prayed for at the end of each evening session. We cannot guarantee that you will be prayed for by one of the speakers. The emphasis of the meetings are to release the church in praying for the sick and we regularly see the sick healed as they are prayed for. Come expecting God to touch you and we believe you will be!


1. Do you Live Webcast the Schools of Power and Love?

Sometimes!  If we are, we will send out an eblast to everyone on our email list on the Tuesday before the School.

2. Will the School we attend be recorded and available for purchase?

We are now recording most of our schools and making them available in MP3, CD and DVD format. The media can be purchased while at the school or ordered later through our Online Store.