We were so surprised by God through the Power and Love Conference!  Each speaker brought distinctive, unique and fresh training and impartation.  We highly valued the priority on the grace and love of God through the message and ministry of the Holy Spirit. We could feel the momentum of the impact. The practical application by teams going out was so simple and relevant. We love this lifestyle evangelism. Its the best way to live. This is truly part of the gospel revolution happening now!

Dennis + Denise CapraFaith Minstries Community Church -- Grandview, MO -- Affiliation -- Faith Ministries International Network

I highly recommend the School of Power and Love.  It motivated our people to take the kingdom to the streets which started to change our city as well as our people. The teaching is excellent, the teachers are anointed, and the Holy Spirit moves.  Our people learned that you can be a person in the pew and still be used to do mighty acts for the Glory of God.

Mark KingThe Lord's House of Prayer -- Lancaster, PA -- Affiliation: None

As a pastor what the School of Power and Love did was put a huge frame work around what Ephesians 4 could look like. Evangelist, prophet and more equipping the Church to do the work of the ministry. It was not just hear good teachings and take a break…it was now go do the stuff Jesus did. I am still hearing stories…actually I have a few to tell myself! I was challenged personally to stop waiting for someone else to go do it for our church…I need to be doing it. Thanks to the whole team…amazing.

Bill + Barbara HerzogVineyard Toledo -- Perrysburg, OH -- Affiliation: Vineyard

As a local church pastor, it is my desire to see people equipped and not merely taught, especially when it comes to taking the Kingdom outside the walls of thechurch. The School of Power and Love did just that. Our people were deeply impacted by the teaching and then stretched by the daily outreaches. This combination, usually only experienced on a trip to a foreign field, changes people. We continue to see the fruit. I would encourage any pastor to invite the School of Power and Love into their area.

Dave OlsonHeartland Assembly -- Ankeny, IA -- Affiliation: Assembly of God

Many of the great moves of God in the past were flawed in that what happened in the church gatherings stayed in those gatherings. Tom Ruotolo has been groomed with a specific mission to help us steward this incredible gospel by equipping the saints to make a difference outside the four walls of the church. I celebrate and endorse these Schools of Power Evangelism to train the people of God to effectively touch and transform the cities and nations of the world through power evangelism.

Bill JohnsonBethel Church : Redding, CA

“Practical”, “Anointed”, “Fun”, “Inspiring”, and “Liberating”.  This is a short list of words to describe Power and Love. It is life transforming, church transforming and has the ability to transform cities as well. The teachings and methods that are imparted is a great gift, but their lives, love and display of what they taught is priceless.  This ministry is “a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power” (2 Cor. 2:4-5).

Kevin & Marsha SeymourHighpoint Nazarene Church -- Delaware, OH -- Affiliation: Nazarene

It was the best seminar we’ve done at the Austin Vineyard in our 23 year history! These guys are the real deal. Their message is very simple; the Gospel! The preach the power of imputed righteousness & the new creation. I’m still processing everything. But I can’t deny the fruit that I witnessed in love & deeds. Our folks have been transformed.

Jeff NewmanAustin Vineyard Church -- Austin, TX -- Affiliation: Association of Vineyard Churches

Power and Love is still paying dividends for our church and for the Kingdom in our area.  Two patterns have emerged.  First, the entire congregation has had their vision expanded on how they can be carriers of the Kingdom through power and love encounters beyond the walls of our church.  Secondly, those withbudding evangelism gifts who attended the school have rocketed forward in their gifting and in consistent Kingdom encounters with people wherever they go.

Rick McKinnissWellspring Church Berlin, CT Affiliation: Converge Worldwide (formerly Baptist General Conf.)

After the school we had many comments about peoples whole way of seeing life and Christianity being different. One of the guys that was part of the school, in the 6 months after the school, had led over 15 people to the Lord on the streets. A few of those in a bar! There is such an ease to inviting people into God’s activity in their lives that it is refreshing!

John ThomasThe Bridge Metowest -- Natick, MA -- Affiliation: Bridge Churches

The School of Power and Love can ignite a vision for your church to explore new ways for marketplace ministry. It will give your people opportunities to actually dream about doing “greater works than these” that Jesus prophesied for His Church (John 5:20). And it will release a prophetic flow of Kingdom destiny within the leadership and congregation for years to come.

David & Lisa AdessaHarvest Assembly -- Chesapeake, VA -- Affiliation: Assembly of God

The School of Power and Love strengthened and broadened the base of people that desire to bring heaven to Earth right here in our own region. It helped bring freedom from fear of power evangelism to many people.  They took the leap and loved it!

Jim & Shirley SustarHeartland Christian Center -- Wooster, OH -- Affiliation: Harvest International Ministries

The School of Power and Love not only changed people’s approach to evangelism but it also has had profound effects in the personal lives of may who attended.  We’ve seen people in our own and other congregations really come to know their identity in Christ and the love that the Father has for them.  A number of people have been personally set free from long time bondages. It is amazing to see the high percentage of people who are “doing the stuff” wherever they go.

David & Deborah LedinghamFamily of Christ Church -- Petoskey, MI -- Affiliation: Global Legacy

The essence of the school, in my opinion, is best described by the Apostle Paul’s statement, “I came not in words only but in demonstrations of the Spirit and power.” It definitely impacted the church because it was not only hearing, but seeing and then doing. The youth and young adults were dramatically affected as well.

Jerry SchwartzLiving Faith World Outreach Centre -- West Chester, PA -- Affiliation: None

The Alabama School of Power and Love made a lasting, immediate, and very tangible shift in our city, region, and beyond…We highly recommend the school for anyone desiring further equipping and revelation in living out a lifestyle of the power and love of God.  Area Pastors and leaders agreed, the School of Power and Love is the greatest thing that has come to our city!

Phillip & Marsha Clemonsthe ARK -- Florence, AL -- Affiliation: None

I have been a pastor for over 25 years. I thought I knew the gospel, but the Power and Love School caused me the see everything differently. I want to “be” the gospel! This school has truly changed my life and my ministry! I am so thankful I attended!

Steve & Liz MyattVista Assembly -- Vista, CA -- Affiliation: Association of Vineyard Churches

Witness is a by-product of Worship.  We can’t help but talk about that which consumes us.  In fact joy is never complete until we share our experiences with another.  That’s why Instagram is so popular.  This is the essence of the School of Power and Love.  No gimmicks.  No speeches.  No formulas on how to peddle the faith. Rather, it is profound and inspiring teaching on the Father’s love.  The more I listened, the more I wanted to run out of the room and tell someone, anybody, of so great a love.

Roger and Janae ValciValley Christian Center -- Dublin, CA -- Affiliation: Assembly of God

The amazing thing about the School of Power and Love is the heart and compassion of those who lead it and teach it.  The leadership just exude with so much love, compassion and Jesus.  As they share the walls people have erected through hurt, fear and intimidation are torn down and then people are able to look past themselves to see there are other hurting, depressed, hopeless people who are dying and on there way to hell.  The other amazing thing about the conference is that you are challenged to implement the teaching immediately after it has been shared.  This allows for immediate results which facilitates a spirit of success and a desire to do it again.  So by the fourth and last day there has been healing of the walls and false perception to witnessing.  There has been instant action with success and after four consecutive days of walking this out a person is well on his way to transformation and a new mindset to share the love of Jesus in Power seeing captives freed and lost souls saved. I highly recommend for every pastor to host a Power and Love conference.  The lost will be glad you did!

Randy & Dawn ScottPower Invasion Ministries -- Denver, CO -- Affiliation: Assembly of God

I highly recommend Tom Ruotolo, not only as an excellent employee with very strong administrative, organizational, and developmental gifting; but also as a friend.  Tom has served me and the ministry of Global well over the last 6 years and I am very appreciative of his role in our ministry.  He not only served with distinction in his administrative, organizational role, but he also proved to be an excellent communicator on the trips when he spoke on my behalf.  Also, I’m glad to announce that Tom is now a Global Associate Minister with Global Awakening and is open to take speaking invitations.  Many of you have heard Tom preach on your trip and realized that not only was he a good administrator but also carried a strong anointing and powerful gift for healing and messages on deliverance Tom has been one of my best employees and overseers in the 13 years since founding Global Awakening.  It would be difficult to find anyone more committed to his work than Tom.

Randy ClarkGlobal Awakening

Our congregation and community were so “wrecked” in a good way by the Power and Love Team. They modeled and taught us on a whole new level how to BECOME LOVE and MANIFEST JESUS to the world. We SAW what people look like and act like when they die to self and live by faith in Christ. It is so awesome and exciting to watch our people take hold of this Truth and run with it. The stories of people saved and healed are astounding and continuing. The revelation we received was radically transforming! We will never be the same! Thank you Power and Love!

Wes HilliardHeritage Church -- Van Buren, AR -- Affiliation: United Methodist

The School of Power and Love event at our church made a tremendous impact in our lives and community.  It awakened us.  We can feel that something is different.  The teaching was incredibly rich.  It brought a fresh revelation of who we are in Christ, because we now realize that Christ in us wants to live through us. This event has taught and equipped us to love people in naturally, supernatural ways outside the four walls of the church, and to expect God encounters everywhere we go.  Thank you for coming to Ventura.  We are changed!

Perry GeueHorizon Foursquare Church -- Ventura, CA -- Affiliation: Foursquare

Power and Love has served to catalyze our people in taking the love of Jesus outside the walls in naturally, supernatural ways.  After four months, we are still having dozens of testimonies each week of our people sharing Jesus, praying for healing, and prophesying over people in the streets of our city. Many have testified that it has radically changed their life and thatsharing Jesus now comes naturally and almost automatically. The impartation and effects on our people has been truly amazing.  Thank you Power and Love for releasing our people.

Peter & Gwen YoungBridgeWay Church -- Denver, CO -- Affiliation: Global Legacy

The Power and Love Conference was a tremendous encouragement for our ministry. The activation of personal ministry within our members seemed to flow so effortlessly from Tom, Todd, Dan and Bob! These men of God have an incredible gift and I would recommend their corporate and individual ministries to every pastor and local church body.

Charlie & Marissa CampbellThe Bridge Church of Jacksonville -- Jacksonville, FL -- Affiliation: Bridge Churches