June 18-20, 2020

7200 Denton Highway
Watauga, TX 76148

We’re passionate about seeing the young generation of today equipped to walk like Jesus says we can! Don’t miss Take Back Your Campus, a Power & Love specifically designed for youth!

Open for youth groups as a mission or youth trip for Summer 2020. Register for 10+ people and receive $10 off each ticket. Registration below. 




Lifestyle Christianity

William’s heart is to see a generation run wholeheartedly after Jesus – walking in power, identity, intimacy, and righteousness.  During his teens and early twenties, William served in local church ministry as a pastor and worship leader at his father’s church.  In addition to previously serving as Todd White’s assistant, William directed ministry events in large venues, arenas, and stadiums for nearly five years. Today, William Pastors a local church is the DFW region and travels the world ministering the gospel to see the sick healed, the lost saved, and the church equipped to walk like Jesus says we can. 


Lifestyle Christianity

Todd was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years—when in 2004—he was radically set free! Todd believes that redemption and righteousness are the foundational keys for living life as a new creation in Christ. Todd’s foremost desire is to see the Holy Spirit flowing through believers everywhere that they go–at work, school, grocery stores, malls, gas stations, and more. Todd’s true joy is being able to reproduce a 24/7 kingdom lifestyle in every believer. His heart is to activate people in the simplicity of who they really are and confront the barriers that hold them back from being who God created them to be. No one is excluded!

Dan Mohler

Neck Ministries

Dan travels to share the transforming power of the gospel in a way that leaves others changed forever.

His passionate quest for intimacy with God has given Dan a powerful revelation on who we truly are in Christ and what our mission is here on earth as believers. His inspirational messages on redemption penetrate the hearts of believers and motivate them to live righteous, compassionate lives. His passion is to see the love of God reverse the effects of sin and sickness in the world and train others to reproduce the works of Jesus in their every day lives.





Our heart is to equip and unify the Church at large to walk in the power and love of Jesus Christ. Click below to learn more about ways to involve your church and to get in touch with someone from our team. We can’t wait to be with you!


ADVANCED (Covers 3-day school)

January 1 – June 4, 2020

STANDARD & AT THE DOOR RATE (Covers 3-day school)

June 5-June 18, 2020



Serve at the 3-day school and receive free registration.

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Morning and afternoon sessions are available at $35 per session. Evening sessions are free and open to the public. If you’d like to attend for one day you’ll need to purchase two single sessions ($70) and join us free of charge for the evening. All tickets are non-refundable, however transfers to someone else can happen up until the event. Please email [email protected] for any transfer needs.


June 18th

9:00am   Session 1
11:30am  Love in Action
2:00pm   Session 2
4:30pm   Love in Action
7:00pm   Session 3

June 19th

9:00am Session 4
11:30am Love in Action
2:00pm Session 5
4:30pm Love in Action
7:00pm Session 6

June 20th

7:30am Vision Breakfast*
9:30am Session 7
11:30am Love in Action
2:00pm Session 8
4:30pm Love in Action
7:00pm Session 9

Speakers for each session will not be announced in advance. *Separate registration required.



 Nearby Airports

The largest and most popular airport is DFW Airport, which is 30 minutes from the Lifestyle Christianity Training CenterDallas Love Field is approximately 40 minutes from the Lifestyle Christianity Training Center.


We take seriously the safety of all youth that will be attending the Power & Love School. For this reason, every youth member registered for the school must attend with adult supervision (Youth leader, Pastor, parent, guardian, etc.). All youth will be required to be with their guardian/supervision during the school and all “Love In Action” times outside the building. A guardians name and information must be provided for every registrant under the age of 18 upon registration. At check-in every child under the age of 18 will also have a guardian/parent sign for them and fill out a waiver. This is for the safety of every child.  

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