If we are going to see the nations won to Christ, it will happen when the Body of Christ reaches out with the power and love of Jesus.

Knowing who you are in relationship to Jesus and
what He has done for you is KEY in walking out the
Christian life in supernatural power!

At Power & Love, you will see how God will
use you in healing, miracles and the
prophetic to impact people everywhere you
go as Jesus lives through you!

Don’t just sit on the sidelines of the Christian life! Join thousands of others who have caught the vision for living out each day filled with the power, love, and sound mind of Jesus!

“Many of the great moves of God in the past were flawed because what happened in the church gatherings unfortunately stayed in those gatherings. I celebrate and endorse Power & Love because this event trains the people of God to effectively touch and transform the cities and nations of the world through power evangelism.”

Bill Johnson | Pastor, Bethel Church

“Todd has been such an inspiration to me. He’s calling everybody to stop for the one and to pray for and love everybody. When you train with Todd and Lifestyle Christianity, you will notice that everyone hits the street. You don’t just go and receive, but you get filled up and you go out. I believe that lives are changed by stopping to love the one in front of you, so I highly recommend the training of Todd White and Lifestyle Christianity.”

Heidi Baker | Founder, Iris Global

“I have a great passion to see people reached for Jesus, and that is why I love Todd’s ministry. I love the training of Todd White’s ministry because the reality is that–if we are going to see the nations won to Christ — it’s not going to happen through big events. It’s going to happen when the Body of Christ reaches out with the power and love of Jesus. Wherever Todd goes, he reaches out to people with Jesus’ love, and I believe that God wants to multiply that through this training.”

Daniel Kolenda | President, Christ for All Nations

“I want to say a word about Todd White. Todd is a man that is truly anointed by the Holy Spirit and what moves me so much is he lives what he says and he does what he recommends to others.”

Reinhard Bonnke | Founder, Christ for All Nations

“Todd White’s ministry is very similar to when Jesus was on this earth in that Todd is walking around looking for people who need a Savior… who need a Healer… who need a Deliverer. And when he meets someone, he’s very sensitive to figure out what their need is and then share how Jesus can meet that need.”

Robert Morris | Pastor, Gateway Church

“God’s first command to humanity, in the first chapter of the Bible, is to be fruitful. Todd White has an amazingly fruitful ministry, like Jesus, to a lonely, needy youth and to the multitudes. Todd has impacted the millennials like only a very few have done in this generation.”

Loren Cunningham | Founder, Youth With A Mission




June 18-20, 2020



AUGUST 27-29, 2020



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Lifestyle Worship

September 17-19, 2020



December 10-12, 2020



Maria | Bergen, Norway

My life is completely changed after the Power & Love that you held in Norway!!! I’ve always been a Christian, but I realized that I have NEVER really understood my identity in Christ! But now, I do. When I stepped out in faith the first day of the event, it was like truth within me was activated. For a LONG time, I’ve had this crazy compassion — this love for people. I’ve cried and cried for months because I’ve been wanting Jesus to move through me in a MUCH greater way. I needed help to step out. And then, you guys came! THANK YOU JESUS!

Chanelle | Durban, South Africa

Thank you so much for bringing Power & Love to South Africa! Todd’s testimony and his lifestyle really touched my heart. I’ve been a Christian for 8 years and I’ve never heard the scriptures ministered like that before. My life has truly been transformed, I now have so much courage and boldness to step out and just spread Jesus! I just want to thank Jesus for His perfect love that casts out fear, that I’m His daughter, that I am righteous!

Roberta | Columbus, Georgia

Power & Love allowed me to become a daughter of God that I could only dream of. I am normally a shy, quiet, private person but wanted more than being a Christian — sitting on the sidelines. I was determine to go to Power & Love even though I was truly scared to walk up to people. Taking that risk was a huge step for me! I now go alone with boldness and with love. I just wanted to thank you guys for obeying God and showing us His children what you have learned over the years. You guys are really changing lives!

Sheryl | Durban, South Africa

Your conference had a most life-changing effect on me — to the extent that people at work and church were amazed at the boldness, courage and love walk they saw. Even my new age manager called me to her office wanting to know everything about the conference, so I shared and planted seeds. The outpouring of love from you — by the Holy Spirit — is so tangible. Thank you for your obedience to God and the huge transforming role you have played in my life. Be richly blessed as many more doors are opened for you to share the FULL Gospel — with signs and wonders.

Steve | Scotland

Power and Love has really kick started something here in Scotland. The teachings have really been useful in getting people activated. We’re seeing great results. They’re totally getting it! I’m seeing Jesus heal more people and set them free! Many are coming to know Jesus as their Lord including one schizophrenic man who is now in our church and loving his new life. He was confined to his house before I went to visit him a few months ago. Now, he is healthy, excited, and whole! He’s like a different person! Thank you Todd and team for your obedience to your calling.

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