Am I able to bring a child? Do they need to be registered?

Children of all ages are welcome to attend Power & Love. In the past, children have REALLY enjoyed participating in Power & Love. We love to hear testimonies of God using children as they step out! It’s obvious that there is no “junior Holy Spirit!” Our only request to parents is that they are especially sensitive to the learning environment of others while in our training sessions. If you’re child becomes disruptive, we ask that you take them out of the auditorium in an effort to avoid disruption to other attendees — many of which have made significant financial and time sacrifices to attend. Children ages eleven and younger may attend at no charge under the supervision of their parent(s). Children under the age of 11 do not need to be registered to attend. Students ages 12 years old and older must register and pay the registration fee. Childcare is unavailable at the event.

Am I able to attend one or more sessions without attending the entire event?

Yes, we have received extremely positive feedback from those that have attended only 1 or 2 sessions. Generally, we have audio or video of all sessions available for purchase. This allows you to purchase any sessions that you may have missed.

I cannot attend the first few sessions. If I came late, would I feel “behind” because I missed a few sessions?

The content of our sessions does “build” as the event continues, but we encourage you to attend whatever sessions you are able. Generally, we have audio or video of all sessions available for purchase. This allows you to purchase any sessions that you may have missed.

Do I need to register my kids?

All children 11 years old and younger are invited to attend Power & Love at no cost and do not require a registration. Kids 12+ will need to be registered to attend. 

Annual Pass

What is the Annual Pass?

We find the more heaven comes to earth the more earth feels like family. There’s a beautiful Kingdom culture within our Power & Love Schools of relationships forged in and for the Kingdom. Many attend not just one but many Power & Love schools throughout the year to stand with like-minded believers and be equipped to be the love of Jesus every day! 

 We celebrate and honor the hunger of so many chasing after Jesus with everything and offer our Power & Love Annual Pass for just that reason. If you or someone you love is planning to attend multiple Power & Love Schools throughout the year, consider purchasing the Annual Pass for access to any Power & Love School throughout the year for $200 (January-December 2020).

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

I attended Power & Love in 2019 or earlier and believe I purchased the Unlimited Pass (Now called "Annual Pass"). What do I do?

Please email your question to [email protected]


Is transportation to and from nearby airports provided?

Unfortunately, we are not able to help with travel arrangements.

If I do not have a car, how will I be able to go out during the times of “Love in Action?”

We will pair you up with someone who has a car.

Are there shuttles to and from any of the hotels to the event location?

Please contact your hotel directly to see if they provide shuttle transportation.

Will any hotels be within walking distance to the event?

Please contact your hotel directly and/or reference Google Maps to determine the distance between your hotel and the event location.


I am attending by myself and would like to split a hotel room with another person of the same sex. Is there a way to do this?

We are not able to coordinate this ahead of time, but please let us know upon arrival and we will make an announcement to see if there is someone in attendance who would like to room with you.

What is the closest hotel to the host location?

Please click on lodging at the bottom of the event website.

Is it possible for LIfestyle Christianity to locate a host home so I do not have to spend money on a hotel?

Each attendee is responsible for making their own lodging arrangement. At this time, we do not have the resources to coordinate these types of accommodations and cannot speak for other co-sponsoring churches and ministries regarding what they would or would not be able to offer.

Love In Action

What is “Love in Action?”

Power & Love is designed to activate you in the power, love, and sound mind of Jesus. Love in Action occurs six times during the event schedule. Between certain sessions, Power & Love participants leave the event location in groups of 2 or 3 to put into practice the teaching that they just heard.

Are specific locations for “Love in Action” provided?

Specific locations are not provided. Instead, “Love in Action” is simply a time for you to practice living out your life in Christ around other people. If you are hungry, find a good restaurant! If you need to buy a pair of shoes, go to a shoe store! It’s a time to apply what you are learning and step out to love someone with the Love of God!

I have never done this type of thing before. Will someone be available to help me during the “Love in Action” times?

We will do our best to pair up the “not as confident” attendees with the “more confident.” We can’t guarantee this, but we will do our best!

Will any of the speakers be available to participate in “Love in Action?”

Unfortunately, no. Speakers generally have other plans during the break times.


Will there be a time to ask questions to the speakers?

The speakers generally have a full schedule throughout the event, so additional time for individual meetings is not available.

I have sickness in my body and/or I would like to bring someone who is sick. Will you pray for the sick?

The sick are prayed for throughout the event by event attendees and event staff. We cannot guarantee that you will be prayed for by one of the speakers. One of the primary focuses of Power & Love is to release the body of Christ to pray for the sick. We regularly see the sick healed at Power & Love. Come expecting God to touch you!

Do you livestream Power & Love?

Livestream is available for some evening sessions during certain Power & Love events. If we anticipate live streaming Power & Love, you will receive a notification email.

Will Power & Love be recorded and available for purchase?

We record audio and/or video of most Power & Love events and make these resources available for purchase. The media can be purchased at the event or ordered at LifestyleChristianityStore.com. Teaching resources available for purchase will be featured on the online store on the first day of the event.

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