frequently asked questions

Will there be childcare available during sessions?
No. Childcare is not provided at Power and Love events. Children 12 and under can be registered for free with paid adult registration.

Is lunch provided for attendees?
No, lunch is not provided for attendees. During the lunch break you will be out on Love in Action. We do have a Vision Breakfast at an additional cost on Saturday morning at 7AM. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

What does outreach look like?
Instead of calling it “outreach” we prefer to call it “Love in Action” as this is not a scheduled time to DO outreach but rather BE love to those around you. We will send attendees out to go about your day as normal. Attendees are encouraged to share the love of Christ in the surrounding community at places you might go in your everyday life. i.e shopping centers, malls, restaurants, local parks, etc.; and as you go, you love people through prayer, paying for meals, ministering the gospel etc…

Do you release the speaker schedule?
Yes, however, please note that the schedule is subject to change. We believe that if you come with a heart to receive, you will receive what the Lord has for you regardless of the speaker.

Do you still allow free evening sessions?
No. Although, if you meet someone on outreach during the event who would like to attend a service, they will be given free admission to one session. Occasionally, we will livestream an evening session on our YouTube and Facebook platforms. These livestreams are typically announced on social media.

Can I volunteer?
We normally utilize volunteers from the hosting church. If you are a member of the hosting church or a church nearby, please email [email protected] to see if any volunteer opportunities are available.

Do you make the sessions available online after the conference?
At properly outfitted venues where recording equipment is available, Power and Love teaching sessions will be audio recorded and made available for purchase on our store website: These audio recording sales will be announced at the event. However, in general, Lifestyle Christianity will not be releasing Power and Love media content to parties outside of our various licensed media platforms and channels. Previously, footage was released to requesting parties in an effort to continue impacting every believer around the world with our mission: to encounter Jesus, walk in freedom through righteousness, and live the lifestyle. Unfortunately, some took this as an opportunity to make money and commit fraudulent acts such as copyright infringement. We do, however, encourage the direct sharing of our copyrighted material through our various licensed platforms. Please feel free to subscribe to, follow, share, and repost our content through our websites and YouTube, X, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Are there different teachings each session?
Yes. Each session will have a different teaching.


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frequently asked questions